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Flo Moffat


Flo has worked in Drumheller for the last 27 years in public practice under designated accountants. She has worked at my office since 1997. Flo has extensive knowledge of the local businesses and their operations and associated accounting needs. 

If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you take?
A man slave, an endless supply of amenities, and a boat with a sail.

If you could have a super power which one would you select?
Bionic powers

If I wasn't here I would be...
Stranded on that crazy island

If I had a million dollars I would...
Retire and spend it

My hero is...
My dad

My guilty pleasure is...
Spending money

If they made a film about you, who would play your part?
I am so special there is no one like me

What famous people would you invite to dinner?
Prince Charles, so I could tune him in

What would you tell someone wanting to work at Ascend Financial?
Yikes! No, I would tell them that working at Ascend is great. There are always new challenges and the people I work with are wonderful - especially the boss.


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