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Coleen Gordon, CPA, CGA


Coleen Gordon earned her designation back in 1980. During that time, Coleen gained an extensive amount of experience in public pratice. From public practice to drilling rig construction and operation to manufacturing, Coleen was Cheif Financial Officer in these industries until 1982. In addition to this, Coleen spent over 20 years as an instructor for Mount Royal College and other post secondary institutions, teaching accounting and related accounting software as well as human resources related courses. She returned to public practice in 2005. Her public accounting experience has been in personal taxation, corporate financial work, goods and service tax compliance, corporate taxation, trust work, auditing and other services in farming, retail, oilfield consulting, real estate and professional corporations. 

If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you take?
Sam Elliot, Tom Selleck and Denzel Washington

If you could have a super power which one would you select?

If I wasn't here I would be...
On a safari

If I had a million dollars I would...
Give half away

My guilty pleasure is....
No guilt - just pleasure!

When I grow up I want to be...
A writer

If they made a film about you who would play your part?
Susan Sarandon

What famous people would you invite to dinner?
Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meier and Abraham Lincoln

Carol Norman
Diana Cassels