Ascend Financial
It's not what you earn... It's what you keep

What You 
Can Expect

Great service every time

• Friendly staff that you can e-mail or call at any time.

• We are focused on your growth. Rest assured that we'll be with you every step of the way helping you grow your business.

• We talk your language. Now here is a concept, an accountant speaking in easy to understand terms providing no nonsense advice.

• No surprise fees. All fees are agreed in advance, with the option of spreading the fees as monthly payments.

• Fast turnaround on all projects. We do what we say we'll do, when we say we'll do it.

Paying the Right Amount of Tax?

Let's face it, in today’s economy money is tight and paying tax is hard enough. No one can afford to pay more tax than they need to. We focus on ensuring that our clients have maximized all government initiatives, deductions and credits available to individuals and small businesses and ensuring your affairs are structured in the most tax-efficient way.

Many Accountants today are relying too heavily on their tax software to do the necessary planning and to take the time to proactively plan. Lucky for you we are not like other accountants!.

Our Tax Planning Model

Team Ascend realizes that before even commencing our tax preparation that we have reviewed you tax situation prior to your fiscal year end. This allows us the ability to develop strategies that will help to reduce your tax bill. Effective planning in advance of the year end will ensure our fees are small compared to what you will save in tax.

Community Support

As a resident born and raised in the Drumheller valley, I have always been actively involved in the betterment of our community. Throughout the years I have served on many of the local not-for-profit boards as well as supporting many others by other means. I believe that the only way we will see our community improve is through the active involvement at the local board level and I encourage the residents to join me making this a better place to live! I am and and have been involved with these local organizations and boards:

  • Arthritis Society
  • Drumheller Minor Soccer Club (Treasurer)
  • The Drumheller Scholarship Board (Treasurer)
  • Drumheller Area Skateboard Enthusiast (Treasurer)
  • Munson and Area Community Association (Treasurer)
  • Chamber Golf Board