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Under standing your business is our business.

We offer the experience and attention to detail you can depend on and the understanding you need to make good business decisions. Providing valuable financial information and advice  will give you a clear picture of where your business is today and where it is  going tomorrow. These services include: bookkeeping, payroll, general ledger  and preparation of compilation financial statements as well as other accounting  related services. Our services are provided in house and on a mobile basis. We  are the oldest registered Certified Pro Advisor for Quickbooks and Premier  Simply Accounting Advisor in the Drumheller Area. We provide the experience  and knowledge you deserve.

advisory services

Our accountants are business advisors who provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for your business. Ascend Financial can help you with develop a business plan; create strategies to secure financing for start-up or restructuring; and provide effective business leadership.


Review your performance with an expert.
From $100 per month.

In the dark old days of Accountancy, people used to hand their books to  their accountant and then wait and see if they've made a profit for the year! Crazy, isn't it? Now you can have your accountant performing expert analysis on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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